For many tasks that you usually perform standing find a method of sitting to perform the same tasks. When doing food preparations for cooking at the kitchen counter, gather all your ingredients and utensils place on kitchen table where you may sit instead. If the counter is your only option, pull up a high chair or stool to save some energy. Standing in shower not only uses more energy than sitting positions it may increase risk for falls and therefore fractures an additional concern with osteoporosis. Sit and bathe using specially designed stools for tubs and stand up showers. Use a hand held shower head to get a shower effect. Many of these have massaging capabilities that come in handy for sore joints. Just think before you stand about whether you can sit to perform that same task


For household tasks that you do both upstairs and downstairs get duplicate or multiple tools, mops, brooms, buckets, dustpans, bottles or cans of disinfectant and cleaning products, boxes of trash bags, and other supplies for each level of your home so that you do not have to carry these items up and down stairs. Investment in a second vacuum cleaner maybe with less bells and whistles for the level or area with less traffic is absolutely worth the investment of your money to save the expense of lifting up the stairs or dragging across the house by your back. If you have two or more bathrooms, keep a complete set of cleaning supplies in each bathroom at your fingertips to use when the mood hits you. You will be surprised what you can accomplish while drawing your bath water when the cleansers are right under the cabinet rather than down the hall in a closet. BEWARE OF THESE TIPS IF YOUNG CHILDREN HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR HOME.


You can never have too many pairs of scissors distributed in a drawer in each and every room of the house. They are not just for sewing, convenient uses are unlimited. Scissors give feeble fingers POWER! Nevermore even risk straining joints to tear open even simple packaging such as a bag of frozen vegetables, the inner bag of a box of cereal, hosiery packaging, mail, etc. Grab your handy scissors to clip a neat triangle off one corner or cut straight across. Never again risk the contents of a seasoning packet exploding as you finally find the weak spot "tear here".


On an opposite note instead of distributing supplies for conservation and convenience; centralization of supplies for tasks often repeated that can always be done in one location is another strategy. For example convert baskets, bags, or boxes into storage to organize some sit down tasks such as coupon clipping, shopping lists, meal planning, recipes cards, and outstanding mail/bill sorting. Reserve a favorite spot and time to perform some simple duties. You may choose your recliner to prop up often swollen feet (conserving energy) in front of the TV during your favorite talk show. Get organized in an assortment of hat boxes that you can keep stacked next to your recliner that complement the room. Resting your body, entertaining your mind, while accomplishing some simple duties.You will find less dread toward household tasks once you have determined ways to conserve the physical and mental energy required to accomplish them.



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