Steroids in high doses can totally disturb sleep patterns causing many miserable nights of insomnia, along with round the clock nervousness and sometimes severe anxiety.. While suffering through these drugs never ignore any opportunities to try to rest and relax. If your body gives any signals for sleep immediately go to bed, before the feeling passes. Don't fear requesting a prescribed sleep aids. Do not feel "crazy" for accepting recommended anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants to counteract the relentless sometimes mood altering effect of this drug that has hijacked our hormonal metabolism.. Even without interference from steroids many lupus patients suffer from a lack of restorative sleep; that is they may sleep through the night and nap off and on all day, but never feel that they can achieve a deep sleep. A restorative sleep is a more technical term for the deep sleep that escapes them. A lack of restorative sleep despite seeming to "'sleep all the time" may account for the unexplainable chronic fatigue of lupus and fibromyalgia. Again sleep is very important to maintain even general health so do not ignore any sleep disturbances. Inform your doctor. There are many new safe sleep aids for insomnia, and medications that encourage deeper restorative sleep.

Some simple tips follow that may encourage better sleep:

  • hot baths

  • lavender aromatherapy through essential oils or candles

  • drink chamomile tea, warm milk

  • listen to soothing music, meditation or prayer

  • maintain journal or blog to empty brain of any racy thoughts

  • sleep on satin sheets in satin pajamas (satin decreases friction when turning arthritic bones)

  • sleep with cool room temperatures

  • create routine relaxing bedtime activity

  • avoid evening stimulation, vigorous activity or exercise, caffeine



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