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Colons, Constipation & Detoxification

The medications required to arrest autoimmunity are very toxic and pain management drugs relax bowel function. Consequently, Lupus and Fibromyalgia patients often deal with constipation. We should also consider the need for detoxification.

Let's examine some basic colon and detoxification facts:

Colon Anatomy & Function

  • Colon stores wastes
  • Arterial system delivers nutrients
  • Fatty tissue is where toxins hide...body holds on to fat to insulate from toxins.
  • The large intestine removes excess water from semisolid in preparation for evacuation of solid waste.


  • Weight gain could be response to toxic medications contributing to body fat.
  • Unhealthy colon conditions may prevent vital nutrients from being absorbed through arterial capillaries. Constipation may cause malnutrition as well as toxic conditions
  • Overextended transit time in colon means too much water removed...results dry impacted feces...Constipation!

Treatment & Prevention

  • Eat God-made food, that is whole foods that are in their original form. Eat fresh raw fruits and vegetables instead of overcooked, prepared dishes. Cut out processed foods. Diverticulitis and colon cancer are diseases of civilization.
  • First line of defense is team of fiber & hydration. Sufficient roughage in the digestive tract absorbs enough water to maintain healthy fecal consistency necessary for effective bowel movements. Extra effort may be required of patients taking constipating pain medications.
  • Avoid sugar. It hardens in the colon, dehydrates and constipates!
  • Eat whole grain breads and cereals. Avoid processed white flour. Choose brown rice over white.
  • May require fiber supplements to get required fiber, 35g.
  • Drink water! Eat juicy fruits like watermelons. Avoid sugary sodas and juice drinks.
  • Last of all, get enough exercise. Activity increases motility of the bowels. Bedridden patients also prone to poor bowel function. Get up and vertical as much as possible so gravity help draw out waste.
Colon maintenance means detoxification, less fat, regularity, and better nutrition.


  1. Eat raw foods 1-2 weeks
  2. Biblical Daniel said eat something sown
  3. Avoid sugar, saturated fats, animal/dairy, fried or processed food

  4. Drink 8-12 glasses H2O
  5. Drink juice of 1 lemon daily
  6. Brisk walk every AM
  7. Fiber supplement...not laxatives
  8. Fast ...solid foods once/week

My personal suggestions:

Fiber One bars 35% daily fiber
Metamucil Wafers, natural laxative
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea, detoxifying antioxidants


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