ENERGY CONSERVATION: Rest Periods and Naps

Depending of the severity of your disease, whether you work outside the home, medications, and other issues such as young children will determine how much control you have over getting the doctor's recommended TWO naps or rest periods. Yes, that's at least two rest periods you need to work into your schedule even if you are in remission and working a full 8 hour day. In this case you may not have the opportunity to actually nap; however, most full time jobs allow for lunch plus an additional 15-20 minute break. Take 10 minutes of break time to find a comfortable, quiet spot to at least sit, breath slowly and deeply, keep eyes closed (prop up feet if possible) and relax as much as possible. If you cannot have a full nap when you get home either follow the same 10 minute protocol you used on job as a minimum. Demand family give you this undisturbed minimum each day you work. On days off demand two full-fledged undisturbed naps. If you have an open schedule make time for two full naps, allow your body to dictate the period whenever possible. All stay at home mothers of small children make your kids take naps or at least rest periods, too. Do not do anything other than rest or nap at the same time they do. Do whatever it takes even if it means you and the kids piling up together in one bed with a "nap time DVD" to calm them down. Just about every child has a favorite DVD or kiddie show that at least hypnotizes them to at least be glued to one spot in front of TV. DO NOT feel any guilt for any nonabusive tactics to get that rest period and hopefully a nap in If you going through flare or more severely impaired you may need complete bed rest.



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